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What is your closet saying about you?

Stylist Andre Wilson gives some tips and insights.

When I look in someone’s closet, I can tell the last time they felt great about themselves by what is stored there. If I see clothes from 1991, or even the 1980′s – that is usually a time they felt on top of the world in some way. So I ask them, “When was the last time you felt amazing and why?” And then we can choose a piece or two from that time to save in a memory box, then move on to clearing out the past and build to a better present.

Read more of Andre’s tips and insights for some great ideas on starting fresh.


Giving Back: part of our DNA

Yes, you can make a difference in someone’s life by how you search on the internet. Good Search makes it easy: select your cause, search, and they donate. Simple.


Shopping: Products we love

The amazing Amazon Kindle! What can I say? It’s lightweight, remembers your place and downloads in seconds. This new HD version brings crisp images – our resident tech guy traded in his family’s old Kindles for the upgrade because he was so impressed with the difference. Best part: click through this link to purchase and we will send part of the proceeds we earn to Dignity U Wear.


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Questions about menopause:

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